Our Story

You know the story… two aging brothers get to talking over some beers and one thing leads to another.  Dub has a passion for cooking and creating truly remarkable seasonings, Bucket spent a career in the corporate world.  Why not put the two together and have some fun along the way?  From day one the mission has been simple – do something we can be proud of and don’t worry about making big money or getting famous (after long careers we don’t need to do this).  As Mama Dub would always tell us, if you are going to do something, do it for enjoyment, be great at it, and give happiness to others.  This is the heart and soul of Dub & Bucket’s and we invite you to join our family and try our spices and seasonings.  

Our History

As you can imagine it all started in the family kitchen.  Dub was the classic “from scratch” cook that just had a knack for making the simplest of foods amazingly good.  From the kitchen to the back deck BBQing for what seemed the entire neighborhood, to hitting the competitive BBQ circuit, followed by a part-time catering business, Dub honed his skills and filled up his basement with trophies.  It was a great hobby but it was just that, a great hobby.  Dub aspired to take his passion to the next level, and Bucket wanted to exit the corporate world rat race, and alas the idea of Dub&Bucket’s was born.

Our Products

Over time what we learned is that the single most important element to creating great food is seasoning and spices.  Yes, you can even make any fast food a gourmet meal with the right stuff.  Countless recipes and thousands of hours later tinkering in the kitchen, we have concocted what we believe to be one-of-a-kind blends that will bring joy to your taste buds.

Scoville Salts™

One day when planning for a dish Bucket wanted to try some hot chili pepper and salt on a roasted chicken. Amazingly, after some research, we couldn’t buy any. Really? Yes, really. Smelled like we could create something completely new here. Take special blends of hot peppers and mix with salt and bam – good stuff! We loved this spice blend so much we decided to trademark the ScovilleSalts™ name and have it as the marquee product for our new venture. Pepperheads you will love this stuff.

Scoville Salt – Warm: Coarse salt blended with classic jalapeno, ancho, and after glow space chili (like cayenne but sweeter); excellent for warming up any dish!

Scoville Salt – Hot: Coarse salt blended with thai, habanero, and pequin peppers; the “original Scoville Salt” that adds a nice kick of heat and flavor!

Scoville Salt – Scorching: Coarse salt blended with Carolina reaper, scorpion, and bhut jolokia chocolate ghost flakes; this is serious heat for the true heat lover that wants to sweat with every bite.  Extremely HOT and needs to be used with extreme caution!!

Maryland Scoville Salt: Coarse salt blended with thai, habanero, jalapeno, and Bay seasoning; a taste that will surprise you and make any seafood sizzle!

*** Our Scoville Salts contain a hearty blend of hot pepper flakes! Bigger flakes can create bigger taste and heat sensations so if big flakes are not your jam, we recommend that you purchase our Scoville Salts with a grinder cap!  ***

Chunky Apple Habanero: The sweetness of apple chips, honey powder, and habanero flakes blended with coarse salt; nothing else like it, let your imagination roam and sprinkle some pizazz on your dish!

Maple Bacon Ghost: Real bacon, maple powder, black pepper, light brown sugar, ghost chili pepper, secret flavorings, and coarse salt. By far the most popular item we shared with friends and family and we think is the most sensational breakfast spice ever created. Unfortunately, due to having real bacon in it, it is very hard to produce and requires food certifications that make it virtually impossible to sell. So, we limit these “samples” (not for sale or resale) to friends and family only – sorry. If you would like to become a friend and join our family, contact us on the website and we may add you to the list of folks we will share this product with.


Dub loves to be the mad scientist in the kitchen and his blasts are his artistic concoction palette.  True one-of-a-kind seasonings that can make any cook create great tasting meals.

Ultimate Food Blast: It is the ultimate! This stuff goes great on just about anything (see our Award Showcase) and we bet your kids will even eat their veggies with a sprinkle of Ultimate on them!  The slogan “Gimme Some Dub” was born from Ultimate as no matter what folks are eating, they want a splash of Ultimate on it!

Spud Blast: Pick a potato (baked, skillet, fried, frozen, fresh, whatever) and you will never eat a potato the same way again! Talk about even making fast food French fries taste amazing, this stuff will not disappoint!

Steak Blast: The backyard griller’s dream come true, make any meat the envy of a top-shelf restaurant, apply before, during or after cooking and watch the flavor just melt into the meat! If you were never sure what a “gourmet hamburger” is all about, now you know!


After 15 years on the BBQ circuit we learned a few things…  Anyone can buy good meats, chicken, pork, etc., most can stay up all night smoking them, but only a few masters have perfected the art of creating the truly great rub.  To be honest we had to learn from the school of hard knocks.  Countless times we ended up on the losing side of the competitions but with perseverance and trial and error we discovered a winning formula that earned us respect on the BBQ circuit, and we are extremely proud of the awards we have won over the years (see Award Showcase).

Welcome to the family and enjoy!

Containers and Sizes – what you see on the label is the net weight of the product.  Our containers are generally 3oz and 7oz in size.