Upcoming Products

Dub&Buckets constantly receives great feedback from our customers on how much they love our products and ask for us to create more products for them to enjoy.
So in the spirit of “Gimme Some Dub” here are the products we are working on that we hope to offer in the near future.
Lemon Pepper Blast – we pulled together a lemon pepper seasoning at the request of a customer to give out as a wedding favor and we hit a home run.  Originally crafted to be used on seafood, we quickly discovered how multi-purpose this seasoning is as customers are using it on everything from popcorn to veggies.  For sure this seasoning will soon be one of our best sellers.
Mango Pepper Salt – a tangy, sweet seasoning that blends mango with a unique blend of hot pepper chilis.
Drew’s Wing Blast – hot wing lovers this is for you! Make hot wings at home with our special recipe, enjoy the full flavor of our seasoning without the mess of hot wing sauce!
Himalayan Space Chili Salt – if you like to salt up your food this is for you!  Himalayan pink salt blended with After Glow chilis and spices.
Flavor of the Gods – can’t reveal much on what we have in mind but it let’s just say it’s going to knock your socks off.
Herbs de Provence – how about some Herb de Provence with a blend of lavender?  One taste and you will be saying “Gimme Some Dub!”
Feedback and comments welcome and stay tuned for news on our new product launch dates!